03.45 PM to 04.30 PM (CEST)

From Local projects to National policies.

Recently, transport departments at local and national level in Latin America have developed and tested new approaches and instruments for a more holistic gender perspective in urban transportation planning.
The event provides a platform for an exchange between public administration officials from Colombia and Costa Rica sharing practical insights from strategic work on sustainable modes of urban mobility creating higher impacts by integrating the needs and effective costumer behaviours of women and girls. Government action for mitigation gets combined with equity and inclusion leaving no one behind.

MAIN CONVENOR: 40 Cities Finance Facility & EUROCLIMA+



Hanna Maxine Mueller | Advisor for Monitoring and Evaluation

Maxine Mueller has been an Advisor for the C40 Cities Finance Facility at GIZ since 2019. Holding a master’s degree in urbanism from the London School of Economics, Maxine specializes in urban infrastructure and informality in developing and emerging economies. Focusing on equity and inclusion at the C40 Cities Finance Facility allows her to combine both her professional and personal ambitions in her work towards creating greener and more equitable cities.   


Andrea María Navarrete | Bicycle Manager

Andrea is a Colombian Gender and mobility expert. Currently, she serves as the Bogota Bicycle Manager at the Bogota Mobility Secretariat. In 2020, Andrea was selected as one of the Remarkable Women in Transport, nominated by partners of the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) and internationally acknowledged organizations.  

Ana Lucia González Castro | First Deputy Mayor

Ana Lucia Gonzalez is vice-mayor of Montes de Oca, Costa Rica. With a formation as an architect specialized in Urban Planning she has worked as an entrepreneur designing social housing for low-income people until she decided to become a politician. Today, Ana works actively to make a bigger social impact. As the vice-mayor she supports a people-centred approach to develop cities that are more friendly, universally accessible, and resilient to serve all residents.  

Alejandra Álvarez | Team Coordinator Formulation of the National active mobility strategy in Colombia

Master in Marketing with social and active mobility studies approach. For 9 years, she has worked in the public sector designing and developing social marketing strategies for cultural transformation towards sustainable mobility in the metropolitan area of Medellín. She also has formulated a wide range of active mobility projects with a strong focus on gender and universal accessibility.  

Currently, she works with the Ministry of Transport in Colombia, serving as a consultant for EAFIT University, where she coordinates the Active Mobility National Strategy formulation – ENMA  Cities.