Peer to peer consultation: Bringing the SDG´s nearer to the citizens

03.00 PM to 04:00 PM (CEST)

We present learning formats of the international city platform Connective Cities for sustainable urban development. Municipal experts worldwide exchange ideas about challenges and look for solutions in a format of collegial advice. As an example we perform best practice of the virtual dialogue event “Strengthening the local implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through local reviews and monitoring”, April 2021. The 17 SDGs are well known in many local governments. But how do we bring them closer to citizens? Bonn and Manizales (Columbia) exchanged experiences and adopted the partner‘s ideas and activities.

MAIN CONVENOR: Association of German Cities (Deutscher Staedtetag), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Engagement Global


Opening remarks

Muna Shalan | Regional Coordinator, Connective Cities, GIZ

Regional coordinator for the MENA chapter at Connective Cities-GIZ. Muna holds a doctoral degree in urban development from RWTH Aachen University in Germany. In her current post, she is responsible for the orientation of regional service provision to regional demand by municipalities and the provision of advisory on local urban development. Furthermore, she is responsible for the development of the regional network strategy peer learning among local urban practitioners and municipal actors. 

Sina Webber | Project Manager of Connective Cities, Engagement Global / Service Agency Communities in One World

Sina Webber has a degree in economics with focus on business psychology and financial management. Sina has experience in sustainable urban development and international learning processes. Within the framework of Connective Cities Sina is responsible for coordinating the cooperation with municipalities.


Sabine Drees | Manager at the Association of German Cities

Graduate Economist, at the DST responsible for International Affairs and global sustainability. She is the manager of the Expert Committee on “Municipal Development Cooperation” of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR).  


Stefan Wagner | Head of International Affairs & Global Sustainability, Federal City of Bonn, Germany

Stefan Wagner has been Head of the Department of International Affairs and Global Sustainability of the City of Bonn since 2013. He is responsible for Bonn’s expansion as a Germany`s United Nations city and a global hub for sustainable development. He is also in charge of maintaining Bonn’s international relations. Since 2009, Bonn has maintained friendly relations with the City of Chengdu (PR China). From 2003-2013, Mr. Wagner was deputy head of the Executive Board Department for International Affairs and Protocol of the City of Bonn. Previously, he worked as a PR consultant in the field of political communication at an international PR agency. 

Maria Camila Sanint | Manizales Public Innovation Lab, City of Manizales, Colombia

Economist and international business professional. Member of the Public Innovation Lab of Manizales, passionate about economic development, smart and sustainable cities.  

Julie Perkins | Officer-in-Charge, GWOPA, UN Habitat

Julie Perkins is the Officer-in-Charge of the Global Water Operators’ Partnerships’ Secretariat of UN-Habitat. An environmental geographer and urban planner, she has spent nearly two decades engaging with all range of partners towards healthier, more inclusive, and more sustainable water and urban systems, at home in Canada, then with UN-Habitat in Nairobi, Barcelona, and Bonn. 

Volodymyr Bilynskyy | Deputy of Chief Engineer, Lvivvodokanal, Lviv City Communal Enterprise, Ukraine

Mr. Bilynskyy holds a master in electrotechnics engineering. He coordinates the partnership of municipal companies’ project between German utilities (Stadtentwässerung Dresden, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe Köln) and Lvivvodokanal. Also implementing new projects at our company, responsible for water supply inside city. 

Mathias Brune | Plant Engineer, Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe Köln, AöR (municipal drainage operation, Cologne, Germany)

Degree: Environmental Engineering M.Sc. 

For three years I am working as a plant engineer at the large sewage plant in cologne – focussing on sewage sludge and process water.  

For the Utility platform I implement the asset management structure of StEB Köln in a more simplified way in excel for Lvivvodokanal.